Dark Chocolate, Goji & Pecan Bark

This quick and easy bark is perfect for nibbling in front of the TV or snacking on at your desk. The combination of dark chocolate, chewy gojis and crunchy pecans make for a wonderfully textured treat! (And it’s not too bad for you either!) One of the best parts of this recipe – it only needs 3 ingredients: Simply melt the chocolate, then sprinkle over the nuts and berries… Pop it in the fridge for an

Dining at Haywards

Last Friday Matt & I decided to take the day off work and go and have a nice romantic lunch together. We hadn’t done anything on Valentine’s day, so we decided to treat ourselves and try out Haywards Restaurant in Epping. The plan was to drive there…but the car decided it too was having Friday off, and with no time to get a jump we had to quickly hop into a taxi to make our reservation. Haywards is

Banana Bread

So it’s been way longer than planned for a new post on here! Time has absolutely flown by, but I have a bloody good banana bread recipe to make up for my absence! This bread is quite dense, super moist and incredibly moreish! It should last for days, but so far I’ve been unable to test that as it’s always been scoffed within a day! I was really surprised to discover that banana bread isn’t

The Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…it’s time to get the Christmas shopping done and that is that! With Christmas only a matter of days away online shopping is only viable if you’re choosing with express delivery or click and collect, but don’t fear nearly all of these ideas can be bought in store too!  I’ve divided this post into a few sections, you can jump to a particular one using the links below

Chocolate Cointreau Cupcakes

Hello! I wasn’t planning on doing two cupcake recipes in a row but these were just too tasty for me to delay posting! Whilst the lime & pistachio cupcakes had quite a light and sophisticated flavour these are all about pure chocolatey boozy indulgence…perfect for the run up to Christmas! Unfortunately this won’t be a picture heavy post as my camera died when I was photographing them at 11.30 on a Thursday night and I

Lime & Pistachio Cupcakes

Mmm I’ve made these several times recently! I love this unusual combination of flavours – I think it’s quite sophisticated! Well…sophisticated for cupcakes! What you need makes 6 for the cake 70g self raising flour 70g caster sugar 58g butter 55g ground pistachio 1 medium egg 2 tablespoons milk for the icing 140g icing sugar 80g butter 1 lime equipment cupcake cases muffin tin mixing bowl & spoon icing bag Method Set oven to 160°C (180°C conventional)

Marmite Spaghetti (for true Marmite addicts)

Now before you say anything I know that to be adding Marmite to you spaghetti you have to be pretty darn fond of the stuff, but I find that other recipes tend to only give a hint where as mine packs more of a Marmite-y punch! This is a super quick and incredibly purse friendly dinner that’s so filling and comforting – perfect for these autumnal nights where you get home and it’s already dark. So

Ultimate Gingerbread

Way back in 1854 a very clever woman called Sarah Nelson invented the BEST gingerbread in the world…and this is by no means an exaggeration! The recipe has been a closely guarded secret by the family ever since and their shop in Grasmere always has a queue out the door! I first discovered this gingerbread at university, and since then have lusted over this gingery goodness, so when I discovered a recipe for it in

Hello (again) world!

Hello and welcome to Tea at Midnight! My slice of the internet for blogging til my hearts content 🙂 Confession – I’ve had a go at blogging before but I wrote more about what I thought I should writing about rather than all the bits and bobs I know and love. The result? A blog that felt a bit lost and a feeling of obligation over enthusiasm. Bad times! But you know, I learnt what worked